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Price: $780.00
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Model: AMT 1D

A fantastic  speakers made in the USA

This unprecedented loudspeaker introduced the revolutionary ESS Heil air-motion transformer to high fidelity sound reproduction and achieved immediate acclaim world-wide as the major advance in loudspeaker design of the decade.

By using the ESS Heil air-motion transformer for mid and high frequency reproduction, the AMT 1 broke free of past technological theory to achieve a transparency, uncompressed stereo imaging and dynamic transient impact beyond any previous high fidelity experience.

Completely unlike any loudspeaker that has come before, and already a classic, the ESS AMT 1 opens new sound vistas to music listeners.

All forms of distortion are gone; not only sluggish acceleration that smears the immediacy of percussive sounds, but the less immediately recognized motional errors that rob brasses of their sheen, strings of their guttiness, solo instruments of their natural ease, and turn an orchestra of individual instruments into a homogenized sonic haze.

The AMT 1 combines the original ESS Heil air-motion transformer with a specially developed ten-inch woofer that has an oversize, deep-drawn frame and high gauss magnet assembly for long, linear excursion at the highest possible acceleration.

A culmination of ten prototype designs, the ESS AMT 1 woofer achieves both powerful, impactful, low frequency response and rapid acceleration for crisp transient performance that blends precisely with the clarity of the ESS Heil air-motion transformer.

Revolutionary today and the standard of comparison for tomorrow, the ESS AMT 1 is the first authentically new approach to sound generation in fifty years. Every detail of the recorded performance is revealed with a degree of purity never before achieved and completely beyond the ability of all conventional systems.

Nothing we say, or can say, will prepare you for ESS AMT l's incredible high resolution sound - sound as clear as light.


Type: 2 way, 2 driver loudspeaker system

Frequency Response: 45Hz to 24kHz

Power Handling: 350W

Recommended Amplifier: 20W (minimum)

Crossover Frequency: 700Hz

Impedance: 4?

Bass: 10" cone

Tweeter: heil air motion transformer

Enclosure: ported

Finish: walnut veneer, hand oiled and rubbed


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