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Model: CX 77

The speaker system which polished up sound by repeating a thorough audition and pursued the high linear sound adopting strict symmetrical unit arrangement.

The 30cm corn type Woofer is carried in low-pass.
The micro crystal corn original with a Coral is adopted as a corn.
This coats hollow crystal particulates (0.1 specific gravity 0.3mm in diameter) on the surface of the corn paper made from the special process. Thereby, division vibration is improved and the Tran Gent characteristic of low-pass and inside low-pass is improved.
Furthermore, the improvement of a low-pass play is aimed at by free edge, a die-casting frame, etc. which were rich in linearity.

The 5cm hard dome shape squawker is carried in the inside region.
Titanium of high hardness was fabricated by the original molding method in the diaphragm in the shape of a dome, and is adopted as it. Moreover, mass balance is maintained by the voice coil of CCAW adoption, and while expanding a high region limit, the Tran Gent characteristic is raised.
Moreover, the input-proof is improved by adopting aluminum as a bobbin.

The 2cm hard dome shape tweeter is carried in the high region.
Improvement in distorted exclusion and the Tran Gent characteristic and the possibility of the high region play limit were pursued in the diaphragm, and the hard dome shape diaphragm by 18-micron-thick super duralumin is adopted as it.

Two level controls, the object for inside regions and the object for wide areas, are carried in the front.

The ferrite core use coil of high permeability which does not produce nonlinear distortion at the time of the Dainyuu power, either, and the Mylar capacitor are adopted as a network.