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Price: $1,500.00
Availability: Available
Model: M80Ti

This is a pair Canadian build speakers. Using titanium dome tweeters, two 5.25" mids and two 6.5" woofers in all. Axiom claims 98dB in-room sensitivity, which means that they’ll get it up with very few watts. Quoted frequency response is 28Hz to 22kHz.

The mids and woofers are of the metal-cone variety. It has a huge magnet that’s almost the same diameter as the cone. The cavity behind the driver is sealed off from the rest of the cabinet and is tightly packed with polyester stuffing. The drivers are shielded too.

The M80Tis have three large ports -- one in front and two in back. These are corrugated, apparently to increase surface area, and are flared at each end to discourage chuffing.

Great condition !