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Price: $780.00
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Model: MC-1

 This is a magnificent hand built pre-amp by Colin Farch !!


The Clear Image MC-1 is an active moving coil cartridge pre-preamp designed to step up the

output voltage of a low output MC cartridge to moving magnet (MM) level. The MC-1's output is

connected to a MM phono stage, eg. the Clear Image MM-1.

Its circuitry uses low noise Sonic Imagery Labs studio grade discrete op amps for great sound. The

circuit is built with over-specified parts for long term reliability. It is a direct-coupled circuit with no

capacitors in the signal path.

The Sonic Imagery Labs discrete op amp is capable of high drive current so the negative feedback

network impedance can be made small for low noise operation. The circuit of the MC-1 is

deceptively simple and is the result of long hours of listening and experimentation with lots of MC

circuit configurations. It is capable of very high resolution, and doesn’t invert the phase of the


Input impedance is set at 150 ohms internally, which from experience suits a lot of MC cartridges,

but it can be changed at the dealer for another impedance to suit your particular cartridge. The

gain is set at 15 times (23db gain) which is adequate to step up the output voltage of most MC

cartridges for a MM phono preamp.

The MC-1 runs from an external 16V AC-only wall plug transformer to keep its magnetic hum radiation away from this very sensitive circuit.