Yaqin (sold)

Yaqin (sold)
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Model: MC 13S

This is the upgraded version of the MC-10L with Blue 6CA7 tube that sound better than the EL34 it replaces. They are compatible with both tubes. Has a VU meter on the front, self biasing pots on top for easy tube rolling.

Great amp if you want to play around with tube sound.




Output Power:40W + 40W (8ohm)
Frequency Response:10Hz -- 60kHz (±2dB)
Signal/Noise Ratio: ≥85dB (A)
Load impedance: 8ohm or 4ohm
Maximum Power Consumption:220W

Tubes: 6CA7T x 4, 12AX7B x 2, 12AU7 x 2