Vienna Accoustics (sold)

Vienna Accoustics (sold)
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Model: Beethoven Baby Grand SE

What a gorgeous pair of speakers !!

Designed by Peter Gansterer, the Beethoven Baby Grand as a small, rear-ported speaker run almost full-range, with the good fortune to be integrated into a ported passive subwoofer-and-base. The four drive-units are all newly designed by Vienna: a 1.1" hand-coated, silk-dome tweeter (made by ScanSpeak), a 6" X3P-cone midrange driver, and three transparent, 7" XPP Spidercone woofers. While they're all mounted on the same baffle, the midrange is internally isolated in its own chamber (its rear port shares the rear baffle with the larger woofer port). The result is 21" of woofer power that, thanks to being divided among three drivers, promises to be able to move a great deal of air while being fast and responsive.

XPP is a proprietary, Japan-sourced thermoplastic that VA molds in its own tools, then sends to ScanSpeak for final driver assembly. X3P is XPP with three more new polymers, to give the midrange driver an unusually wide bandwidth and high resolution of detail, per VA. The woofers are ribbed with XXP for stiffness. The midrange and woofer drivers take advantage of a newly developed inverted rubber surround that VA claims offers a "breakthrough" in "no-loss" damping of cone edge resonances.

Also new in the Beethoven Baby Grand is a linear crossover layout to which are directly connected new gold-silver-alloy speaker terminals and new, proprietary internal copper wiring. Crossover components include 1%-tolerance MKP capacitors and 1% metal-film resistors. Even the grille is special: its aluminum frame is fitted with a V-shaped phase diffuser to control tweeter dispersion. VA specifies 91dB sensitivity, a frequency range of 28Hz–22kHz, and a nominal impedance of 4 ohms.

Mint condition !! Comes with spikes (not shown).