Krell (sold)

Krell (sold)
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Model: KAV-300i
Manufacturer: KRELL

quote from Stereophile's Martin Colloms:

"I feel that Krell has a winner in the KAV-300i. At $2350, it may be designed to be cost-effective, but it's a Krell thoroughbred, nonetheless, able to punch way above its weight. Not least, there is its ability on music signal to dump well over 200W per channel into an 8 ohm speaker and 300W into "kinder" 4 ohm speakers.

The versatile input facilities, the satisfactorily high-resolution volume control, and the fine infra-red remote command system are all definite pluses. Remember also the preamp output terminals—if the '300i is a good-sounding integrated amplifier it must also be a pretty good-sounding preamplifier!

All in all, the Krell KAV-300i offers very good dollar value and is a seriously good amplifier into the bargain. For me, it is a likely Class B contender, knocking on the door of Class A inStereophile's "Recommended Components" listing. I firmly recommend it."

Solid-state, remote-controlled, stereo integrated amplifier with five line-level inputs including one tape loop. Power output: 150Wpc into 8 ohms (21.8dBW), 300Wpc into 4 ohms (21.8dBW). THD: <0.06%, midband, rising to 0.3% at 20kHz. Input impedance: 210k ohms. Input overload: 9V RMS. Maximum voltage gain: 36.1dB. Input sensitivity: 55mV unbalanced, 28mV balanced, for full power, volume control maximum. Output impedance: 0.16 ohms. Power consumption at idle/standby: 50W.