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Model: VS-55
Manufacturer: AUDIO RESEARCH


Hi end power amp from Audio Research. Using 6550 EH output tubes. The chassis front has a power switch and LED indicator, while the rear provides gold binding posts labeled 0-4-8 ohms, L and R single-ended inputs, 12V in/out triggers for remote installation and L and R channel access points for a voltmeter (used when setting bias). The amp rests on four elastomer feet and uses a detachable 14-gauge power cord with I.E.C. socket. The virtue of the VS55 is found as much in its logical layout as in its sound.

It has excellent soundstage focus and a vivid, liquid midrange, the VS55 also has surprising musical dynamics. Bass extension and impact are impressive compared to other amplifiers in this power range, thanks to generous power-supply energy reserves and to the efficient output-transformer design. In all, the VS55 bears the sonic hallmarks of being a true Audio Research amplifier: a quick, dynamic and powerful acoustic envelope surrounding an illuminated midrange of palpable lushness and realism. Matched with appropriate, high-quality loudspeakers and source components, the VS55 will give listening pleasure far beyond normal expectations in this price and power range.