KEF (sold)

KEF (sold)
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Model: Model 204
Manufacturer: KEF

KEF Model 204 is a high-quality floor-standing system intended for use in average sized living rooms. Superseding the famous Model 104aB, the system offers remarkable accuracy of reproduction with extended bass response.

With an amplifier output of as little as 10 watts per channel, Model 204 will provide adequate volume levels in domestic surroundings. With more powerful amplifiers, higher volume levels can be easily achieved without impairing tonal balance.

A new method of bass loading maintains output cleanly down to 29Hz whilst minimising the effects of sub-sonic signals produced by record warp and turntable rumble.

• Flat frequency response from 47Hz to 20kHz
• Extended low-frequency response
• High acoustic output - 106dB spl on programme peaks
• Low coloration
• Computer-designed crossover network
• Natural wood finish
• Rated 15 ~ 100 watts

No grills