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Price: $80.00
Availability: Available
Model: TU 767
Manufacturer: DENON

Denon TU-767

A digital tuner that can have either a black or silver face, the TU-767 tunes in increments of .1 MHz and has unusual muting/signal locking circuitry that is not intuitive. Still, it looks good, sounds great, and for DXing is on a par with mid-line Kenwoods like the KT-7300 and KT-6500 when modified. Stereophile considered the TU-767 to be one of the cleanest-sounding tuners of its era, with the best stereo separation available at the time. Our panelist Ray gives us the definitive report:

"The TU-767 was a mid-eighties product that seemed to be market targeted for the 'upscale' end. It's stylish in black or light and came with nice but faux wood cheek plates in a low, wide-profile package. Too wide to fit in a standard rack unless the cheeks are removed. One feature deserving special mention is the 'SSS' or super searcher system. This was a very novel circuit designed to reduce front end intermodulation by strong stations in close frequency proximity to one the user wants to hear. Other tuners have used added gangs and reduced sensitivity to sharply tune 'in' the desired signal. SSS adds separately tuned gangs to tune 'out' the interfering signal. It's a bit fiddly to use but it's definitely effective. I once wanted to listen to a local high school football game being broadcast from a 50 mile distant, 60 KW, 99.1 MHz station from compass point 186 degrees. This is normally blocked by an 8 mile distant 51 KW, 105.7 MHz station from point 160 degrees. The antenna is a rotating Winegard 6065. Use of the TU-767's 'SSS' allowed clean and clear reception where none other of my flock were acceptable. (Alas, my home team lost the game.)