Original Electronics

Original Electronics
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Price: $480.00
Availability: Available
Model: CD-A8s

Mint condition still in original box.

The CD-A8s sports a black metal enclosure and heavy-duty faceplate of brushed aluminum. The CD-A8s is of average size, and sturdy at 15 pounds. In front the basic playback functions are duplicated from the remote control, in intuitive order from left to right, labeled in a slightly uncommon but appealing font: Open/Stop, Play/Pause, Skip Back, and Skip Forward.

“The remote itself is a thing of beauty. Packaged in its own silk-lined box, batteries included, with a supplied wrench to change them, the metal control is sleek, heavy, and fits comfortably in the hand. In addition to the basics, the remote adds buttons for Scan, Track/All/Section Repeat, Time Display, Program, and a numeric pad.

“The CD-A8s’ Power button is tight, and responsive, but can’t be controlled with the remote. When the player is on, a tasteful square illuminates the brand name in blue. If you insert a disc with HDCD coding, a small blue light indicates HDCD. With the controls on the left side and the smooth, secure tray in the middle, the display occupies the right side of the machine. Also blue, it tells you which track you’re on, how many tracks are on the disc, and helpfully counts down to the final number, blinking the current track along the way. Time display is available up or down per track, in addition to counting down a disc in its entirety.

“Housed in the textured black metal case is a modified Philips Cam12 laser pickup and CD-7 servo system for laser accuracy and track access. The CD-A8s read discs quickly and navigated them swiftly. A Burr-Brown PCM-1732 (24-bit/96kHz) D/A converter, two Burr-Brown OPA604s, and two OPA5532s op-amps deliver a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz, distortion and noise rated at 0.002%, a signal/noise ratio of 95dB, and a dynamic range of 97dB (102dB for HDCD). Around back are one set of RCA outputs, one digital coax output, one optical S/PDIF output, and a socket for the detachable power cord.


“The CD-A8s’ ability to focus the ears on previously unrevealed details and subtleties across a vast dynamic range is startling.

“Rhythmically charged, the Original CD-A8s made me want to hit Repeat again and again, but I was too eager to get to the next recording.

“More and more of my CDs these days are CD-Rs, and the CD-A8s handled every brand and disc length without the slightest hesitation or hitch.

“The CD-A8s retained the tension in the music while relieving it in the listener.