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Price: $1,100.00
Availability: Available
Model: NF-1

These are mint condition Fostex nearfield studio monitors with original boxes. RRP $1800.

The NF-Series employ a low frequency unit featuring an HP (Hyperbolic paraboloid) diaphragm. The 3rd-order curved surface structure of this technology results in the ability to reproduce faster-rising sounds more responsively, the minimisation of self-resonating frequencies and the total lack of sound colourisation characteristics.

In addition, Fostex turned their attention to the UDR (Up/Down Roll) tangential edge structure of the low frequency unit. This edge is created by joining up-roll and down-roll at their tangential surfaces while utilising FEM model analysis to determined the optimum bonding points. It’s this edge which plays a key part in the overall performance of the units.

Fostex also felt the need to develop a new type of soft dome unit, one which features UFLC in its construction. Conventional soft dome units exhibit minute ‘pinholes’ in the damping materials resulting in dips in the frequency response.
In using UFLC materials, Fostex have eliminated these, made a 30% weight reduction and widened the frequency response across the range.

Unlike other manufacturers, Fostex decided against the use of plastic or pressed metal driver frame assemblies. This is because these types of construction do not, unlike the die-cast aluminium frame used for the woofer and tweeter units in the NF-Series, offer optimum vibration suppression.

A monitor enclosure is much more than just the box in which to house the driver units. It too must be acoustically designed to minimise the vibrations which can colour and degrade the sound.

The NF Series utilise bass-reflex enclosures featuring a number of construction and acoustic treatment techniques which combine to offer an ideal chamber for suppressing vibration and unwanted reflections.

These include:

  • A unique internal baffle configuration (patent applied for), using HP sound reflectors to naturally extinguish standing waves.
  • Time-align damping techniques (NF-1 and NF-1A only)
  • 21mm thick super-rigid MDF particle board for the main enclosure construction widening to 33mm where the drivers are mounted. (NF-01A maximum thickness 18mm).
  • Rounded edges on the front baffle for reduced reflection of mid-frequency sounds.
  • Two precisely tuned cylindrical ports for increased bass response whilst maintaining a compact enclosure.